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Lallemand - Yeastlife Extra - (Yeast Nutrient) 100g

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Yeastlife Extra is a balanced complete nutrient blend of vital minerals/nutrients that aid in yeast activity during fermentation. 

Yeastlife Extra provides yeast with all the nutrients required for a healthy fermentation, reducing unwanted off-flavours and by-products from fermentation (especially sulhpur containing compounds), more efficient reduction of diacetyl and improved performance in high gravity adjunct wort.

Yeastlife Extra is a complete nutrient blend containing nitrogen, amino acids, mineral (Zn, Mg, Ca) and vitamins.

Addition of yeast nutrient is highly recommended when making yeast starters with DME. DME does not contain vital nutrients for yeast health, like zinc. It is beneficial to add yeast nutrient to your yeast starters.

Why use yeast nutrient?

  • Faster and more consistent fermentation
  • Supports adjunct and high gravity brewing
  • Reduces off-flavours and yeast stress
  • More efficient diacetyl reduction

Usage and Dosage

Add to the kettle at the end of boil or to the whirlpool.

Recommended dosage is 8-15g/hl for propagation.

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