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Lalvin EC1118 Wine Yeast

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The EC-1118 yeast has been isolated in Champagne and is classified as Saccharomyces bayanus. The fermentation characteristics are extremely low production of foam, volatile acids and Hydrogen sulphide. It will also ferment at low temperature with good flocculation and excellent alcohol tolerance. EC-1118 is an excellent strain to be used in a wide range of applications (such as sparkling wines, fruit wines and ciders it may also be used to restart stuck fermentations).This strain ferments well with good flocculation with compact lees and a relatively neutral flavour and aroma.

Microbiological & Oenological Properties

Saccharomyces cerevisiae bayanus

Competitive factor

High alcohol tolerance up to 18%

Short lag phase

Fast fermentation rate in a wide pH range

Wide range of temperatures for fermentation including low temperatures (Optimal between 15°C to 25°C)

Low requirement in assimilable nitrogen

Low O2 requirement (especially at low temperature)

Low to average production of volatile acidity

Average SO2 production

Low H2S production

Low foam formation

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