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Brewing a fruity NEIPA, tropical ale or just a fruity IPA? Give LalBrew® New England American East Coast Ale yeast a go. New England American East Coast is an ale strain selected specifically for its ability to produce a unique fruit-forward ester profile desired in East Coast styles of beer. A typical fermentation with LalBrew® New England will produce tropical and fruity esters, notably stone fruits like peach. Through the expression of a β-glucosidase enzyme, LalBrew® New England can promote hop biotransformation and accentuate hop flavour and aroma.

It's important to know when you ferment with Lallemand New England yeast that the lag phase can be longer when compared to some other yeast types. It can take up to 36 hrs before you see any activity. So don't panic if 24 hrs after pitching there is no airlock activity. That's normal for this yeast. Also, the fermentation, in general, is a bit slower than most ale strains and it may take longer for the beer to reach your targeted FG. Again, that is normal and expected.

BEERS TO BREW: NEIPA, IPA, Tropical Ale, East Coast Style Ales, fruity ales.

INGREDIENTS: Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), emulsifier E491.

FERMENTATION: Ideally at 15-22°C (59-72°F).

PITCHING: 11g per 20 L (50 - 100g/hL to achieve a
minimum of 2.5 - 5 million cells/mL).

ATTENUATION: Medium to High.



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