KegLand Super Sucker - Siphon Pump (1/2&
KegLand Super Sucker - Siphon Pump (1/2&
KegLand Super Sucker - Siphon Pump (1/2&

KegLand Super Sucker - Siphon Pump (1/2' BSP) - including Power supply

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- Transfer beer, wine, cider and spirits between vessels without the hassle of starting a siphon.

- Place your receiving vessel side-by-side or even above the transferring vessel.

- Perfect for transferring between primary and secondary fermenter, or from fermenter to bottling bucket or keg.

- Reduce excess oxygen exposure caused by hand-pumping or blowing into a carboy hood to start a siphon.


1/2 Inch BSP Super Sucker Self Priming Siphon Transfer Pump

The Super Sucker transfer pump is the quickest, most hassle-free solution to moving beer, wine, cider or spirits between vessels. Rack from the primary fermenter to secondary or from carboy to keg without the excess oxygen exposure that results from hand-pumping a siphon or blowing into a carboy hood.

Simply run transfer tubing from a racking cane to the pump and then to your receiving vessel, flip the switch, and let the Super Sucker do the work while you kick back and enjoy a cold one.

With the Super Sucker you don't need gravity or CO2 pressure to move liquid around. Thanks to the pump's considerable max lift height, you can leave your heavy, full fermenter on the ground and place the receiving keg or carboy side-by-side or even above the fermenter on a countertop.

It is important to remember to clean thoroughly and store dry to avoid potential sites of infection. We would recommend flushing/recirculating with a diluted mix of StellarSan for at least 2 minutes of contact time prior to using this pump. 

1/2 Inch BSP Inlet/Outlet
On/Off Switch
Max Flow: 4.23 L/min
Suction: 127mm
Max Lift: 3.8m
Maximum Temperature: 60°C
Pressure: 90 psi
Voltage: 12V DC (3.5A)
Power Cord Length: 1.2m
Power Adaptor Cord Length: 70cm
Power Switch Cord: 25cm

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