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Integrated Gauge BlowTie Spunding Valve Kit (0-15psi)

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Now updated with the all new duotight 8mm Ball Lock Disconnect (Grey+Red/Gas)


This kit has been designed for simplicity and ease of putting together. 

This Kit Contains:


1 x BlowTie Spunding Valve Gen 2 with 0-15psi Integrated Gauge


1 x duotight 8mm (5/16") x Ball Lock Disconnect (Grey+ Red/Gas)


1 x Rigid 8mm Plastic Joiner


All new compact BlowTie Spunding Valve Gen2 Integrated Kit. If you want to control the pressure retained in a pressure vessel that is releasing pressure then the BlowTie Diaphram Spunding Valve is the tool for the job. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Under Pressure.

The gauge on this spunding valve makes it so easy to set up for pressure fermenting & transferring!

We agree Craig, it's a great product. Thanks for your review Craig.

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