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Gladfield Rye Malt

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Sub-Base Malt

Our Rye Malt is produced from locally
grown rye corn. Rye does not have an
outer husk so it benefits from a finer
mill setting than our malted barleys. The rye is malted with the same care as our other malts and modifies beautifully in the kiln.

Use: Gives colour, spicy flavours and a clean, dry mouth feel.
Rate: Recommend starting with 10%, can then be increased up to 50% for more rye flavour.


EBC Test Method Specification
Moisture (max) % 6
Extract - Fine Dry min% 81
Saccharification time 10
Wort Colour 4 - 10
Total Nitrogen (%) 1.6 - 1.9
Kolbach Index 40 - 60
pH 5.7 - 6.2


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