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Gladfield Redback Malt

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Speciality Malt

RedBack Malt is a unique malt made by Gladfield Malt. This malt is prepared using a special process before going into the roaster, and then roasted until Maillard reactions occur. The wort colour is bright with good clarity but most importantly is a lovely red hue. RedBack Malt gives a lovely malty dried fruit and toasted flavour to the finished beer. The wonderful red colour is added to the beer without imparting an opalescence
that can occur with other similar malts. RedBack Malt is also u sed to increase body and head retention in the finished beer due to the lower modification level and saccharification in the roaster. It can be used up to 15%, and complements a range of base malts.

Use: RedBack Malt adds malty, dried fruit and toasted flavours as well as a red hue.
Rate: Up to 15%


EBC Test Method Specification
Moisture (max) % 6.5
Extract - Fine Dry (min) % 78
Wort Colour 60-80
pH 5.55
Typical Colour 65



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