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Gladfield Light Lager Malt

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Base Malt

Lager Light Malt has been subjected to a gentler kilning cycle so that a lower coloured base malt is produced. This malt is made especially for brewing an all malt lager where a light colour is desirable. This base malt can also be used alongside Gladfield Wheat Malt to brew a delicate, bright, clean malt profile wheat beer where a low colour formation is desired.

Use: A base malt for any style of beer. This malt is light in colour, with a sweet,
clean flavour.
Rate: Up to 100%

BC Test Method Specification Typical Analysis
Moisture (max) % 5 3.5
Extract - Fine Dry min% 79 81
Extract - Coarse Dry 80.8
Extract - Fine As-is 78.5
Extract - Coarse As-is 77.5
Saccharification time 10 10
Odour Normal
Wort Colour 2.5 - 2.9 2.7
Total Nitrogen (%) 1.4 - 1.7 1.6
Kolbach Index 35 - 41 39
pH 5.8 - 6.1 6
Diastatic Power (WK) min. 240 250
FAN (mg/l) min 120 130
Friability (min) % 85 94
Glassy Corns (max) % 2 0.6
P.U.G. (max) % 5 1.0

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