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Gladfield Dark Crystal Malt

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Speciality Malt

Crystal Malts, also known as Caramel
Malts, are used to add colour, flavour and sweetness to beer. Gladfield’s Crystal Malts are made from lower to mid-range nitrogen winter or autumn barley varieties, that are soaked in water, germinated, left wet and then heated. This converts the sugars while they are still in the grain. We then roast our Crystal Malts in our high-tech purpose-built roasting drum making sure that the crystallisation process is even throughout. This gives a sweetness
and even colour to the final malt.
Crystal Malts have no diastatic power, so must always be used in conjunction with a base malt. Crystal Malt can be used in varying amounts and intensities to an array of beer styles to add colour, flavour and aroma to the beer. It is important to note that our Crystal Malt must be used fresh to get the best results.

Light Crystal Malt

Use: Adds mild sweet caramel flavours and body.

Medium Crystal Malt

Use: Adds full sweet caramel flavours
and body.

Dark Crystal Malt

Use: Adds a nutty bittersweet caramel flavour and body.


EBC Test Method Specification Specification Specification
Light Crystal Malt Medium Crystal Malt Dark Crystal Malt
Moisture (max) % 6.5 6 6
Extract - Fine Dry (min)% 78 78 78
Wort Colour 40-70 90-130 175 - 225
pH 5.15 4.84 4.7
Typical Colour 50 105 200


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