Booma's Boomtang

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The wait is finally over and Boomas BBQs first sauce is ready!

You will want to get your hands on the new "Boomtang" By Boomas BBQ. A sweet and tangy BBQ sauce great for any BBQ. Boomtang is a versatile and tasty addition to any meal, use as a marinade, a condiment, a dipping sauce, or a glaze for meats. This sauce is sweet, a touch heat from black pepper and a bit of tang from the added vinegar. Whether you're a home cook wanting to impress your friends or family, or a mad BBQ competitor, this is the sauce for you!


Size - 250ml

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We too are brewers and food lovers. We only choose what we think is the best quality products and ingredients.

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We will give you guidance, tips and tricks to the best of our knowledge, we enjoy helping others that require it.

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