Booma's BBQ "Swine And Dine"

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Booma's BBQ Swine & Dine Pork Seasoning


This pork rub is a welcoming change that has strayed from the pack and resulted in something truly unique. Swine and Dine Rub by Boomas BBQ is an amazing flavour packed seasoning that has not followed the trend of going down the sugary sweet path that most pork rubs tend to follow. Blended with the best spices, this rub is not only the best rub for pork ribs but also works with pulled pork and beef.


From the man himself "Swine and dine is savoury pork seasoning, with a peppery kick, and loads of flavour"


Booma takes BBQ seriously and before he released this pork rub it went through loads of testing, trial and opinion.

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