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Joe White Wheat Malt

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Premium White Wheat grain is malted in the same way as barley and is used as a base malt in the production of classic wheat beers. At lower percentages of the grist, wheat malt can also be added to any number of beer styles to enhance foam stability and mouthfeel."

Extract Fine Grind-As Is, Congress, % -
Extract Fine Grind-Dry Basis, Congress, % Min 81.0
Colour of Wort, Congress, EBC 3.5 - 5.0
Diastatic Power, Dry Basis, °WK Min 280
Total Protein, Dry Basis, % Max 13.0
Soluble Protein, Dry Basis, Congress, % -
Kolbach Index, Congress, % 40.0 - 45.0

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