JG BBQ "22 inch Offset Plate " - Three Chins Brewing
JG BBQ "22 inch Offset Plate " - Three Chins Brewing
JG BBQ "22 inch Offset Plate " - Three Chins Brewing

JG BBQ "22 inch Offset Plate "

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Transform your charcoal Weber or kettle BBQ with a JG BBQ Offset Plate for a superior low ‘n’ slow cook up

Offering a highly efficient, long burn you can achieve up to 12 hours of low n’ slow cook time in your kettle BBQ.

Renowned for its extraordinary ability to create even heat distribution, you can cook the perfect brisket or pulled pork without having to rotate the meat throughout the cook. Plus the intelligent design of the Offset Plate means you can also reverse sear the perfect steak or even cook the most succulent batch of chicken wings Hot n’ Fast at a higher temp.

Plus, it is not just super versatile, it is also very easy to use. Simply place the JG BBQ Offset Plate on top of the kettle’s lower grate, place your desired charcoal in the side chamber and you’re ready to go. And if you’re still not sure, you can message us with your questions either through the website or our Facebook page where we will happily answer your questions so that you get the most out of your JG BBQ product. 
Designed and made in Australia of extremely durable mild steel, the JG BBQ Offset Plate is a seriously sturdy, quality made BBQ essential. The range of Offset Plates are lasercut and folded to fit perfectly into your Weber kettle BBQ’s.

How to setup your JG BBQ Offset Plate



Please note: this product is made from mild steel, and some light surface rust is maybe present. It will need to be seasoned prior to use!

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