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10L American White Oak Barrel + Free Barrel Wax

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These 10L barrels are hand made from American White Oak and flamed to a medium toast. Great for ageing beer, wine and spirits.

The barrels are not plastic/aluminium foil lined or use rubberised bladder like some that we have seen on the market. 

These barrels are 100% American white oak with a medium toast inside and a raw un-varinshed outside. This means more care needs to be taken to keep these barrels in tip top shape. But ultimately you will have the best possible product as a result, and much more flexibility in maintaining a leak free barrel.
All Barrels will leak if proper care is not taken, for more on leaking and remedies to fix this please view the instructions.

NOTE: These oak barrels will arrive dry and just like any quality made real oak barrel they need to be prepared before use.  Please read this guide for more information:
Oak Barrel Preparation and Maintenance.PDF


- 100% American Oak

- Raw Exterior (Non-Varnished) for easier leak prevention techniques.

- 10L Capacity

- Stainless Alloy Rings coated in a protective black coating.

- Foodgrade silicone plastic cork plug.

- Twist knob faucet for easier controlled dispensing.

- Barrel Wax Block

Please note the colours of the wood shown in the photo may differ depending on lighting and the monitor it is being displayed on.

Caring for your barrel.

Your barrel shouldn't need too much maintenance if you know what to do before you use it. All barrels will leak if proper care isn’t taken.

The best French barrels or American Oak barrels of the finest distilleries will leak if they are not cared for in one simple way.

Just like old wooden ships left on land, they will need proper maintenance and care over time to become leak free.


Make sure you barrel is always topped up, leaving it with empty voids inside the barrel can cause the wood to dry and shrink. Thus making slight passage ways for liquid to come out.

It is important to fill your barrel when you receive it with water to the brim and force the wood to swell back up if it has been in storage for a long time. After you have done this replacing the water every day for 3 days and there are no signs of a leak, then you are ready to fill with your product.


Experiencing Leaking?

1. If you are experiencing leaks and it has been empty a little for an extended period of time, then it is vital that you empty your barrel into another storage device. Then fill the barrel with water, replacing the water every day for roughly 5 days. This will encourage the water to force the wood to swell back up. Please note: If you keep topping up and it is leaking then you may lose more of your product.

2. If this does not fix the leak, then you will need to submerge the entire barrel in water with a weight weighing it down. This will force the barrel even more so to swell and become leak proof. Please note all barrels are leak tested in production. If you received a cracked barrel then it would have been damaged in transport, not by the manufacturing process.

3. After you have submerged your barrel in water and you are finding it is still seeping liquid when full, then you may need to use Bees wax or candle wax along with a hair dryer over the area. The hair drier forces the wax to seep into the wood grain, not just coat the outside of the barrel. Taking these steps will ensure your barrels health for many many generations. If you have anymore questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via email


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